Mary Save Us Spausdinti El. paštas

This Spiritual Flower from the
martyrs of Siberian prisons is dedi-
cated to you as a sign of gratitude
for your spiritual and material
effort to aid the victims of twen-
tieth century persecution.


We send this prayer book to you
in order that you may be able
better to feel, think, and
worship the Lord together with us.
Lionė made it, Valė drew it,
Levuté glued it together,
and I wrote it.


Mary Save Us





Imprimi Potest: fr. в. kristanavicius, s.j.

Provincial Superior

Nihil Obstat: John a. goodwine. j.c.d.

Censor Librorum

Imprimatur: francis cardinal spellman
Archbishop of New York

December 18, 1959

Copyright © 1960
By the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle
in the State of New York

Manufactured in the United States of America
By Paulist Press, New York 19, N. Y.

Photograph of the actual book written and hand-
made by four Lithuanian girls imprisoned in
northern Siberia. Original book measures 2 x
3 inches. Throughout present edition, hand-
written pages are reproduced in sets of four
with equivalent English translation on facing


In Western Europe, on the golden shores of the Baltic Sea, is Lithuania. For over seven hundred years it had been a staunch Catholic, free and industrious nation. Now it is struggling for survival against the tyranny of the communistic conspiracy. For almost twenty years practically every Lithuanian family has refugees and escapees in foreign lands, its loved ones in prisons and jails and its "martyrs" in heaven.

As in every previous era of persecution and slavery the Lithuanians, with their heroic and extraordinary religious spirit have one great source of comfort and consolation: Christ the Lord and Mary, His Mother.

This prayer booklet written in Lithuanian was composed by four young Lithuanian girls confined to a Siberian prison. The prayers in their native language are their own. The English translation was made by Rev. Kęstutis A. Trimakas, S.J.

Prayer can be briefly defined as speaking to God. When you have no book of formal prayers written by some spiritual writer, you can always talk to God as you would to your parents. This is exactly what prisoners under Russian slavery must do. Four young Lithuanian girls, wasting away in the very flowering of their lives, as a result of inhuman treatment, secretly wrote the thoughts that they spoke to God, as day by day they saw no hope of liberation. The little pieces of waste paper on which they recorded their pent-up religious feelings and then bound up by hand in a little booklet, was secretly brought out of their prison environment, out of Russia and then into Lithuania. No more beautiful or promising document could come from a Siberian prison. It is proof, if proof is needed, that a cruel master may kill the body but never the spirit. Only souls close to God on the Cross and to His Mother of Sorrows could give expression to the resignation, charity and forgiveness in these prayers. They remind one of the infinite love made articulate by Jesus during His last words from the Cross of Calvary.

With this booklet we can all pray together with those four young girls and other prisoners of captive nations who are suffering for freedom and the faith. The prayers, beautiful in their simplicity and meaningful in their content, reveal the mysteries of love and the power of the soul. Self-denial, hope, pardon, love—all these in abundance they also manifest. In very truth, these prayers will make us all feel very close to God and to the sufferings of innocent people of enslaved countries.

The booklet reminds me, very strongly, that a crusade of prayer, leading to extraordinary holiness and sainthood, is certainly taking place in the prisons of the Communists. It is a crusade that inspires us and really shames us into imitating and joining a similar movement of prayer and sacrifice that we may be worthy to defend everything we hold dear against the worst enemy that ever confronted us.

Four innocent girls, taken from their humble homes thousands of miles away wrote these prayers. Their faith, their confidence in God, while captives behind bars or barbed wire, expressed in their silent communings with Christ and His Mother, are now transcribed in this prayer book. Thanks to the publishers, the Paulist Press of New York, this immortal little document can be presented to the people of the English-speaking world, as a proof that the supernatural virtues of faith, hope and charity cannot be destroyed by the inhuman methods and deeds of atheistic Communism.

Written by these young girls confined in KZ camps under cruel masters, these prayers are the heart-rending cries of agonizing souls speaking to the only One to whom they can pour out in accents of love, the beauty of their souls. What an example these youngsters should be to the modern teen-agers who have lost their feminine charm in a world of secularism and materialism. Pray for all prisoners of the Communist conspiracy; living martyrs are they all. Pray for them and with them through this booklet. Help them and all others like them in every possible way.

Richard Cardinal Cushinc,
Archbishop of Boston.


A day of hard toil is dawning.
Blessed Trinity, I wish to glorify You
by patience and respect
for my fellow workers.
Give us wisdom and strength
to endure calmly all misunderstanding,
contempt, and hatred.
Bless those dear to me,
my whole nation, and especially
the defenders of my fatherland,
orphans, and all those
who suffer for the truth.

Unite us all by lively faith,
unquenchable hope,
and love that knows no bounds. Amen.

Martyrs of our nation,
obtain wisdom, strength and unity
for the laborers of our nation.

Obtain an endless, bright repose
for those who have laid down their lives
for their native land. Amen.

My Guardian Angel,
My Patron, Saint Anthony,
and all blessed spirits,
protect, direct, and keep me free
from all evil today. Amen

Holy Spirit,

enlighten both my own and my nation's paths,
leading to a happy future.
Bless our resolutions. Amen.

Saint Therese, Patroness of the Missions,
obtain for us apostolic ardor.
Help us, by our good example,
to harvest many souls for our Lord. Amen.


Bless my sleep.
The day has closed its eyes.
Fatigue closes my eyes.
My feelings have dried up,
my strength has left me.

O Lord, I thank You
for all Your graces of today:
for health, strength, and food,
both that of soul and of body;
for every good heart, for every pleasant thing;
for hope, for my native tongue
that I hear in this strange country.

I thank You for the suffering,
hatred, and all shortcomings
whereby You tested me.

Lord, I beg of You peaceful rest
for myself and my dear ones. Amen.


Protect and foster the peace of our home,
and our yearning for the truth;
shield from evil the edifice of our nation,
and let us, the children of sorrow,
spend some time with our dear ones
in the fatherland, at least, in our dreams. Amen.


I appeal to your mercy.
Comforter of the Afflicted,
console the children of the earth,
sprinkled with blood and tears.

Console the banished
and comfort our hearts filled with
suffering, sorrow, and homesickness.
Mary, I entreat your help
for the defenders of our fatherland.

I beg of you calm repose
for those who laid down their lives
for their native land.

I ask of you lasting peace for my dear country
and for the entire exhausted world.

Mary, I raise my weary hands to you,
pleading that you pray to God
for forgiveness of faults, sins,
misdeeds, and imperfections:
both mine and those of my dear ones. Amen.

All for Jesus, day and night!



О Lord, at this very moment
a priest is bowing before Your altar
in behalf of all the world
and in my behalf.

Lord, forgive me my transgressions
and strengthen me
that I may accomplish my duties perfectly.

Together with Your tremendous sacrifice
and the merits of saints,
placed in the treasury of the Church,
accept my suffering and fatigue,
humiliations, tears of longing,
hunger and cold,
all my soul's infirmities; all my efforts
for the freedom of my fatherland,
for the welfare of my friends
and of my dear ones,
for the souls of the deceased combatants.

O Lord, have mercy on those
who persecute and torment us;
grant to them also the grace
to know the sweetness of Your love.

O heavenly Father,
You have created us
for blissful beatitude.

In all humility I pray,
lead me to it, as You please,
through bottomless pitfalls and bitter cold.

Everywhere I will follow You;
only show me the way.

О Lord Jesus, You have sacrificed
everything for our salvation.

In order to teach us, You have drained
to the dregs life's bitter chalice.

You have chosen for me
the same road of suffering,
the fate of destitution and homesickness.

Please strengthen me for these.

Holy Spirit, enlighten me in the hour
of darkness and temptations, that I shall
neither go astray nor live in deadly error.

О Lord, grant me the grace
to understand Your teaching for evermore.
Give me the wisdom to witness it everywhere
and to preach it by my deeds.
Allow me so to love it that every day
and everywhere I shall preach
the greatness of Your mercy and love.


О Lord, because of Your greatest love,
You descended from heaven and walked
the paths of this earth doing good.

You have endured most painful sufferings
in soul and in body.

You have chosen me
to walk the road of the elect.
I wish to follow You, О Lord,
only lead me, give me
strength and wisdom,
and brighten my desires.

With a grateful heart,
I shall accept all from Your hands:
powerlessness, endless longing,
contempt, neglect and disregard,
the loss of those dearest to me
and of my liberty.

Lord, do with me
whatever You desire;
only have compassion on my nation
and on my beloved ones.


O Lord, listen

to the cry of every priest
and descend from heaven
upon our altars.

Bread and wine, by Your desire,
become Your most sacred Body and Blood.
In Your divinity You come
to strengthen, to console and comfort us.

I beg of You, dear Savior,
change my whole being:

make of me, selfishly
concerned about myself
and drowned in daily drudgery,
one who is considerate
and helpful to others.

Make me understand their cares and troubles
lest I judge them rashly.

Change the countenance, both mine
and that of my dear fatherland.

Raise us up that everyone of us
may seek the way to You,
that we count no sacrifice
too great for Your love and glory.


When my soul sheds its tears,
when my heart languishes in longing,
when my whole being shivers in fatigue,
come, О Jesus, I beg You to come.

Draw near, Reviver and Consoler!
What is it You wish to tell me
by means of these people,
by these circumstances,
by this span of time?

Jesus, I implore You to shorten
the time of trial for us
for my dear ones, for my exhausted nation.
Jesus, I ask You—help those
who laid down their lives for our welfare;
assist them for whom You wish me to pray.


О Savior, through Your
most holy sacrifice,
through the offerings and prayers
of those close to me,
through the sufferings
and sacrifices of life
for my dear fatherland,
and through the merits
of all saints in heaven,
strengthen me in my toil today
and for my duties tomorrow. Amen.


Mary, save the land
embroidered with blood and tears,
with self-sacrifice, resolutions and love.

Mary, awaken in our breasts
the power of mighty giants.

Preserve our nation's pure spirit,
fostered through ages by our forefathers.

Mary, enlighten those
who have wandered astray,
save the heroes who have passed away.

Raise up our holy Lithuania
that it may radiate and shine
like a splendid star
to glorify you and your Son's
boundless mercy and love. Amen.



Lord, I have sought happiness
everywhere and always,
but my heart can find
neither rest nor peace.

Jesus, how true it is
that true joy and happiness
are to be found only in You!

Cast only one glance at me
and all storms will cease in me.

I will seek only You
and will proclaim Your mercy.

Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind;
show me the highway to eternal bliss.
To reach it I will spare nothing,
I will sacrifice everything.

Holy Virgin and all Heaven,
help me to keep my resolutions.


In regard to God:
Do I see God's will in everything?
Do I realize that the way of suffering
is destined for me?
Is despair destroying me?

In regard to my neighbor:

Do I do any harm to my neighbor?

Do I distrust, defame or deride,
denounce or despise? Do I lay on others
my own burdens, my own work or bad mood.

What about fear of criticism;
or lying, contempt, revenge,
curbing the freedom of others,
or thoughtlessness in speech?


Savior, I have cast away
Your Passion, love, and desires.

I have condemned myself
and become profoundly unhappy.

With all my being, I implore You:
cast Your glance at me,
cover up my transgressions,
raise me up that with joy
I may hasten to You to worship Your mercy
and ineffable love. Amen.


Draw near, all holy Angels,
draw near, all saints of heaven,
Immaculate Mother, Saint Joseph
Saint Therese come to praise
the Lord of Mercy, the God of Love.

Teach me how to be humble, how to love,
that everywhere and always
I may live in gratitude
and with my entire life
I may proclaim
God's love and goodness.


Jesus, You have come to me.

Remain with me forever.
Live in me. Teach me,
painful though it be.
Rest in me, but do not forsake me.
With all my being, to You I cling,
praising and thanking You
for coming, for Your consolation,
for all the other graces
You have brought to me and to my home.

O Heart of Jesus, inflamed with love,
have mercy on those
who are fighting for freedom,
who have died in the battlefield
or still are suffering for my fatherland.
Have mercy on all in whose stead

I should pray and praise You.
O God of Mercy,
I thank You for the hearts
who have done me so much good

and who never forget me.
I thank You also for them
who, by their hatred,
teach and warn me. Amen.


Mary, Advocate of Sinners,
Comforter of the Afflicted,
Mother of Mercy,
with my heart full of sorrow,
I implore your help
for my departed parents,
who guarded and protected
our family on earth
by their care and toil.

Mary, obtain for them
the grace to be united
with your Son without delay,
that they from above
may guide us again
and lead us out of the pitfalls,
temptations, snares,
and storms of this life. Amen.



O King of Martyrs, Jesus Christ, who walked
the royal road of suffering,
and all you martyrs on earth and in heaven,
help me to understand the meaning
of our Savior's love and suffering.
Aid me, my dear ones, and our whole nation
to discover
our way.

"Judge not, that you may not be judged."

I judge and condemn, I sneer and deride,
I become angry and curse, I nurture revenge
and reveal faults and secrets of others.

Let us improve everything,
but only by goodness.

Love is the best teacher.
No hurdles can obstruct its way.

"There is no greater love than this that
a man lay down his life for his friends."

Prayer. Jesus, have mercy on them
who condemn;

have mercy on unjust judges. Protect us
from meddling in the affairs of others.


God has forgotten me. He does not answer
my prayers. Why do I suffer?

I did not steal. I did not kill.

Why so many hardships for me?

Hunger and cold, throbbing pains in my bones,
contempt and rude shoves,
discomfort and neglect.

"O all you that pass by the way, stop and see
if there be any sorrow like to mine."
Prayer. Jesus, what do You wish
to tell me by this pain?
In all occurrences
let me fully understand all You want of me.
"Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord."


A habit is a second nature.

Let us help children and youngsters
by our good example, by gentle counsel
and vigilant protection. Thus, let us dispel
the plight that fosters evil.

Prayer. Jesus, protect our youth
from a first fall.

Help those who have fallen to rise again.
Grant me the spirit to radiate
Your love and goodness.


Two glowing torchlights—sun and moon—
most beloved Son and most noble Mother
meet on the street of salvation.

Two hearts taste all bitterness
of suffering and of sorrow. Two hearts—
most sensitive to our own troubles and misery.

Рrауеr. О sorrowful Mother, aid me
to understand the meaning
of present hardships.

Help us all to return soon
to our beloved land and
to find the way to everlasting happiness.


When I visit the sick,
when I console the downcast,
when I pray for the departed
and for those in error,
when I assist the widows,
the old, and the orphans,
when I radiate God by my life,
then—even today—I help Jesus carry His cross.

Prayer. Holy Spirit, give me knowledge,
wisdom, and strength
to do good, to become more holy,
and to glorify my Savior's Passion.

Holy Spirit, let me daily
recognize God-implanted thoughts.


Let us paint a picture of Jesus
in our hearts, fighting for truth,
for goodness, and for beauty.

Prayer. Jesus, help me to understand correctly
the values of truth, goodness and beauty.
Let me strive for them unceasingly,
that I may serve God and my fatherland
with my whole being.


Let us avoid impure thoughts and feelings.

Let us foster and cherish
the virtue of chastity within ourselves.

Let us assist our youth by our exemplary life.

Prayer. Jesus, who has loved purity,
instill undying ideals of purity
in the children of Mary's land,
the land of green rues, of lilies and tulips.


To help the forlorn and those who suffer
anguish in soul and in body;
to assist the sick—that really means—
to have compassion for suffering Jesus.

Prayer. Jesus, who did console the women
of Jerusalem,
console today, with Your precious Passion,
our sisters, daughters, brides, wives,
and mothers, who are oppressed by sorrow.


Depressing despair,
boundless anguish of soul,
crushing fatigue of body,
powerlessness of old age
pinion the wings of soaring spiritual flights.

Prayer. Dead-tired Jesus, help me and my
dear ones
to endure patiently the helpless weakness
of our souls and bodies.


Ignominy of our bodies, nakedness of our souls,
total destitution—
this is the way we are stripped.

Prayer. Jesus, protect us from extreme poverty
that leads us to crime
and impedes the progress of our souls.

By what, if not by offenses,
anger, bad moods, hatred and revenge
do we murder other souls?

Prayer. Jesus, teach me not to infringe
the liberty of others.

Grant me forbearance to endure all anguish,
sorrow, scorn, neglect, and, if need be,
bitter death itself;
but do not punish either me or my nation
by everlasting damnation.


"I have nothing in this world," says Christ.
The spirit of the world : pride and self-love,
vainglory, greed, and jealousy.
Prayer. Savior, help me to die
to the spirit of this world and to feel joy in living
humbly and generously, purely and prayerfully.


Let us not thrust aside the hand
that is outstretched to us.

Prayer. Savior, I entreat Your help
for my departed friends.
I beseech Your consolation for those
saddened by the death of their beloved ones.
I beg You to hear the supplications
of those crying to You.

Prayer. Jesus, help them

who die in foreign lands

without consolation of Church or dear ones,
without the comforting aid of their friends.

THE END (Way of the Cross)

Jesus, through the merits of Your Passion,
through the sacrifices
of the Queen of Martyrs,
and of all the martyrs,
through my own and my nation's desires,
cover up my own and my nation's transgressions
and aid us all to find the way to You,
that we may not die in misery or want,
in hunger or despair.
Jesus, deliver the world
from going down to perdition. Amen.

Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.



AT GIRKALNIS (Feb. 8, 1943)

We have gone astray. We are weary and cold.

Mother of Mercy, once again
you have not left us alone
in the days of sorrow and affliction.

Again from heaven you descended
in the brightness of refulgent light
to visit our blood-stained land.

Mother, to whom—to whom shall we flee,
to whom shall we appeal in abandonment,

affliction, and distress?

Cast your glance, О Mother, at our hearts,
bruised by sorrow and longing;
at our lips, blue from hunger and cold.

Bring us back to the land
that heaven itself has given us;
to the land adorned with churches
and wayside crosses;
to the land you have loved
from the very beginning.

Allow us to see again the pictures
and shrines abounding in grace.

Permit us to sing again the hymns
of gratitude and love to merciful Jesus
and to you, О Mother of Pity,
to you who have promised to obtain
the remission of all transgressions. Amen.


Saint Casimir, Patron of Mary's land,
who did honor the Blessed Virgin with hymns;
who, while kneeling at night
at the door of the church,
did pray for her aid;
you loved purity so dearly
that for it you even forsook
all earthly comforts and honor.

Our holy Patron, obtain for our land
the flowers of purity
that by their sweet smell
they may draw us to your ways.

Saint Casimir, unwilling to leave your land,
yet, when it was in danger,
you aided our armies.

With aching hearts, we beg you—
help our fatherland to rise to noble life.

Help us to return without delay to our land
consecrated by the blood of martyrs,
by innocent tears
and boundless anguish. Amen.


Saint Joseph, Protector of the Holy Family,
assist our newly-wedded families,
that love's enkindled torches
may never die out in them,
but that they may become
beacons unextinguishable by any winds.

Bring us back to our family homes
for great creative work.

Saint Joseph, you yourself have undergone
the lot of exile.

Obtain for us, weary ones,
wisdom and endurance, lest we collapse
during the days of affliction,
that all hardships may strengthen us
as fire strengthens steel.

Saint Joseph, you are the steward
of all spiritual treasures.
Give us the spirit of purity,
of love, fortitude and unity. Amen.


O God, ineffable Love,
You Yourself have descended from heaven
to show us the way to the kingdom of love.

Jesus, You have called to an eternal bliss
all men of good will,
all those who seek and search for eternity.

Suffering in body and in soul,
want in everything,
are the safest escort to heavenly bliss.

Christ of the Resurrection,
raise me up from my faults.
Uplift my dear ones, my nation,
and also those who have gone astray.

All celestial spirits, aid us in singing
the glory of Christ's resurrection.
Glory, honor, and thanksgiving
to the Conquerer of Death,
to the Giver of Live! Amen.

(Low Sunday)

Fatigue and weakness fetter our hearts.
We have no food for our souls,
no all-important rest, and no refreshment.
Homesickness, nostalgia,
slavery have overwhelmed us.

О compassionate Jesus,
we call upon Your mercy.
We cleave to Your transfixed side.
Most merciful Heart, inflamed by love,
unite us with the bonds of mercy,
of love and unanimity.
Allow us to return without delay
to our native land
that we may always better fulfill the duties
You have assigned to us. Amen.


Saint Monica, you had to bear up under
the sinful errors of your husband and your son.

Yet you brought them back
to the path of truth
by unwavering prayer, sacrifice,
and the ardent spirit of penance,
endured through many years.

Help our families to uproot
the weeds of our vices,
especially drunkenness, broken vows,
contempt of faith, sins against chastity.

Obtain for us perseverance, trust in God,
and the spirit of true penance.

Saint Augustine,
you who walked in error for so long,
obtain for those now in error
the grace to know the truth.

Protect from error and crime our youths
who are being misled by their teachers
and weakened by their bad example.

Mother Mary, with heartfelt cries
of piercing anguish, we cry for your help.
Obtain for us the strength and endurance
of Monica's spirit. Amen.


We are drained of strength;
our feelings have faded away;
our hearts are benumbed;
our thoughts we cannot control.
Mary, full of grace,
Mediatrix of all Graces,
with contrite hearts, we raise our suppliant hands.

Refresh us; tell us
what your beloved Son wants of us.

We desire to surrender wholly to His will.

Most gracious Virgin,
show us the stars—of faith,
lively in the newness of its splendor;
of hope that is immortal;
of love that knows no bounds.

Help me and my nation to overcome
all obstacles that impede our journey
to your Son's embracing hands,
to His Heart in wealth abounding. Amen.


Waiting for the promised Paraclete,
the apostles prayed ardently
together with Jesus' Mother.
Then came the Pentecost day.
Flames of fire descended upon them,
enlightening and bringing them
apostolic fervor, the courage of martyrs,
wisdom, and the gift of tongues.

Come, Holy Spirit, Comforter and Confirmer,
come down upon us.
We are waiting for You;
we are asking for You;
we are praying to You.

Come and renew us, come and revive our nation.
Bring us all the graces we need
that, united with love, we may establish
God's kingdom in our fatherland. Amen.


I am in need of a physician.
1 am in need of a consoler.
I am in need of a Father,
the best of all fathers.

Jesus, my Lord, You have remained with us
through all the days
in the Sacrament of Love.

You call, You appeal to all
who are saddened and weary at heart.

Longing, I yearn, yearning, I desire
to be united with You in the Sacrament of Love.

Jesus, my Lord, come to me,
comfort me, console me.

Visit the hearts in strange lands
yearning for You.

Visit the dying and those who have died
without the ministrations of a priest.
Jesus my Lord, visit also them
who persecute You.

Lord Jesus, You are my light in the darkness.

You are my warmth in the cold.

You are my happiness in sorrow.

The sun at daytime calls me to come to You.

The twinkling stars at midnight
beckon me to fly to You.

Snow and white blossoms speak to me
of Your purity, О Lord. Amen.


Jesus, You revealed to us
an infinite secret of the soul:
mercy without limit, all-conquering love,
the power that springs from humility,
suffering, and sorrow;
all this You have manifested
as a healing balm for the soul.

Jesus, led by angels, Seraphim and Cherubim,
You ascended to heaven
for the jubilation of saints.

Yet for us You have remained
throughout all days in the Sacrament of Love.

Jesus, source of all bliss,
allow us to enjoy this life as a gift of God,
but protect us from attaching ourselves merely
to what this earth can offer us.

Teach us how to seek and how to strive
for heaven's treasures. Amen.


Saint Anthony, conqueror of all error
and of all slavery,
from the depths of our hearts
in these difficult days we cry to you for help.

We have lost a precious pearl of pearls—
our freedom.

We implore you—recover it for us and teach us
how to cherish it, how to love and defend it.

Help us to overcome the slavery in ourselves:
to banish from our midst
flattery and accusations, hatred and revenge,
meddling with the affairs of others,
that I may not destroy the liberty of others.

Saint Anthony, help me and my nation
to rise from negligence and error
to the brighter future of tomorrow. Amen.

Saint John the Baptist, who did cry out
to make the roads straight for the Savior,
help me and my dear ones to straighten for Him

the paths of our hearts.
Teach us by our life

Him to glorify, Him to confess, Him to love.
Help my nation to understand His teaching,
to proclaim it, and to live it. Amen.


Saint Aloysius, who, in your whole life,
did blossom as a white flower,
breathing fresh air, radiating inner gladness;
who did grow in the sunlight,
blossom and bear fruit; aid us from above.

Help our nation's searchers to find inner life.

Escort us all along
the paths of noble ideals. Amen.


Christ our King, You have descended
from the throne of the cross
to reign in sensitive hearts.

From the throne of the cross You have shown
to mankind the road to the land of bliss.

On the throne of the cross You have opened to us
the marvelous wealth of Your Heart.

О King of Souls, grateful, I thank You
for letting me grow up
in the shade of the cross.

Savior, allow me, my dear ones, and my nation,

to feel the warmth, and love,
and strength of Your Heart. Amen.

Angelic infants, innocent virgins,
militant youths and confessors,
seekers of Truth, its lovers and heralds,
martyrs and sufferers, help us to obtain
the all-colorful blossoms of virtue.
Awaken in us a yearning for God.
Patron saints and martyrs of Lithuania,
we implore your aid
in our struggles and endeavors. Amen.


With icy lips, with tearful cries,
tormented by despair, we fly
to Your straw-covered crib, O Holy Babe!

Accept our petitions and prayers,
Accept our longing and resolves.

Accept the sacrifices of heroes.

Accept the tears of our loved ones,
their sighs and cares, soaked in sorrow.

Preserve us all for a dawning future.

Grant heavenly bliss to those who have died
in foreign lands from hunger and hardship.

Through the merits of Your Holy Mother
and of all the saints, have pity
on my dear ones and on my whole nation.

With my bruised heart, I implore You—
cut short the days of our trials.

If You wish a sacrifice, take it from me, but give
me the courage and fortitude of martyrs. Amen.

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